They say its never too late to find your true passion in work

and a true love of your life.

That is not true...if you are wandering through, many years, looking and trying...and looking more, and trying more...

moving in and out of relationships

and refusing job offers and opportinities that "do not fit" would confuse yourself and think that it is your way of life;

the idea of "searching" would become

the idea of "living". Then, one day, many years later, you'd wake up and realize that nothing that you achieved in career, and the person

you kept around are giving you a true piece...

because you wouln't stop earlier and try harder. 



"We are all here, in this world,

to live and give

some kind of example to other people. What kind of example it would be, we have the power to we?"


"The development of technology

was way faster then the development of human intellect. Perhaps some

X amount of time will have to pass

before people start using all that knowledge available at the tips

of their fingers in useful ways

instead of taking selfies in

bathrooms or watch funny cat videos...

I really like funny cat videos, too..."


"Besides the obvious art stuff,

I am trying to teach my students to search, find and make peace

with their own self. It took me

more than twenty years

to really know myself and

wipe out other "significant"

people's opinions about me

which I took as true. It is liberating and extremely fulfilling to know and accept yourself. It is a big plan and it might take a long time, but it just cannot hurt to start early in life,

and it might as well as be through art..."


"To really understand someone is to pay attention to what he or she

did not say/do."


"Life. Great gift and a privilege to have."


"The best gift you can give someone is the power to make their own decisions."


"When I am afraid for my, or my son's life,

I am actually, in the core, afraid for the

fate of our souls. We do not really belong to any recongized religion, I still feel that

there is something inside us that moves us,

"soul-like" and that, when we die,

it will leave, and go elsewhere.

Since I, or anyone else, cannot comprehend

what that "elsewhere", is? or is it good or bad...

I fear for the well-being of souls dear to me.

If I know what happens after death,

I would not fear so much.

I feel that I am not alone in feeling like this".


"It is OK to be an to be an imperfect original."


All Rights Reserved    NELA'S ART STUDIO 

"How could I wander so far off in my life,

that my only voice of logic

and reason was my road navigation?" 


"My money, my choice."

"My body, my choice."


"We are, at the same time,

both perpetrators and victims.

When we do not act to change the status quo, to stop

the suffering of good people,

we silently agree to be victims ourselves".


"Comfort food? What the heck is "comfort food"?? You eat fatty stuffed turkey, and an apple pie, and you imagine that you

live with your grandma, and all bills are paid by someone else,

and you have a warm, fluffy comforter and crisp,

clean sheets to snuggle and sleep??

You'll hear the buzz of the text or call from a person you are in love...All that while eating that turkey and stuffing? 

There is no such comfort, no safe place in this world,

in this life, definitely not from the certain foods you eat...

Instead, you need to work for your peace,

work on your relationships,

work to get somewhere,

work to pay your bills. "


"Hard work sometimes pays off."


     "Beautiful California, golden sunsets and even more glorious sunrises

of a new days; never-ending ocean;

and its all in us; on us;

if we see it."


"Often, best intentions bring worst consequences."


Life is a battle: one after the other. Those battles are ongoing constantly.

There is a continous exchange of fire,

births and deaths, in all combinations: winning and losing...people die; children die;

people fight hard and win,

hoping their life fortune would last forever,

just to lose everything a bit later. Some are born in happiness, and then trown in the worse tragedies

to battle and finally lose. Others are unfortunate

from the very beginning, and fight a long, exausing,

uphil battle, and live to see the light.

Luck plays a big part, and caution is a way to last longer. 



(Nela V. Steric), Visual Artist/Creativity Coach

"Every day is a test."


"ELEVATE people's spirits;

SAVE AND PROTECT all animals;

EAT healthy;




"Fearful live a long life. 

   Fearless live forever".

"Terrible opiate and all kinds of deadly chemicals and drugs epidemic, fixation with social media,

overblown, over-bloated divided government, existing primarily from profiting of raging wars everywhere for its own interest...

"American Individualism" gone wrong

and with not too many that care,

people disfrenchised from families,

friends, ALL ALONE. This is a regressing, slow-dying civilisation, ready to be taken over." 


"...and at the end, all you ever want is

someone with a pair of friendly eyes

to be near you and smile at you sometimes,

a warm shower, a clean bed under a safe roof...nothing too fancy, or too big to handle,

nothing too loud...for one to try to process

the loss of loving people, and streighten

one's belief that somehow we would all meet again. the end, you become simple, humble, human, happy that you still exist and breathing,

your pain is manageable, and grateful that you survived this morning, against all odds."