My Solo Shows


TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


(Nela V. Steric), Visual Artist/Creativity Coach


Cultural Center "Novi Sad", former Yugoslavia,

present day Serbia


The only remaining photo of my first

Solo Exhibition in 1993, in the former

country of


present day Rep. of Serbia,

Cultural Center Novi Sad.


TAG Gallery is proud to present "Paintings" the inaugural exhibition

of Yugoslav-born visual artist and educator NELA. Comprised of water media

work on Yupo Paper, NELA’s paintings are archived in various series and groupings,

all inspired by different facets of the human psyche and imagination. Groupings vary

from raw, emotional, and meditative to distorted twisted realities that subvert

their source inspiration. NELA melds her particular cultural sensibility with
thoughts and events of a contemporary nature. As a stark contrast to her often-crude subject matters, NELA uses a sleek, new age type of painting surface, Yupo Paper.

As such, uncommon swirling textures fill her canvas, leading the viewer

through a visual journey, narrated by the drips and brush strokes

that fill the paper. These works aim to celebrate the marriage of the elusive

and unpredictability of Yupo Paper with water-based media, effectively

mirroring the artist’s philosophies and ever-changing, living spirit.