"Every day is a test."


"ELEVATE people's spirits;

SAVE all animals;

EAT healthy;



"The development of technology

was way faster then the development of human intellect. Perhaps some

X amount of time will have to pass

before people start using all that knowledge available at the tips

of their fingers in useful ways

instead of taking selfies in

bathrooms or watch funny cat videos...

I really like funny cat videos, too..."


"The best gift you can give someone is the power to make their own decisions."


"To really understand someone is to pay attention to what he or she did not say/do."



(Nela V. Steric), Visual Artist/Creativity Coach

"My money, my choice."

"My body, my choice."


"Life. Great gift and a privilege to have."



"Its better to be an imperfect original then a perfect copy."


"How could I go so far off in my life,

that my only voice of logic

and reason was my road navigation?" 



"We are all here, in this world, to live and give some kind of example to other people. What kind of example it would be, we have the power to decide...do we?"


"Hard work sometimes pays off."


"Besides the obvious art stuff,

I am trying to teach my students to search, find and make peace

with their own self. It took me

more than twenty years

to really know myself and

wipe out other "significant"

people's opinions about me

which I took as true. It is liberating and extremely fulfilling to know and accept yourself. It is a big plan and it might take a long time, but it just cannot hurt to start early in life,

and it might as well as be through art..."